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"Best dentist in the city"
February 2017
Best dentist in the city. Well run office. They care considerably, regarding the health of your teeth.
~Daniel Z.


"does work with extreme care"
Januray 2017
Everyone on staff is friendly, helpful, courteous and extremely competent. If there is something they aren't sure about, they make the effort to find out immediately. Dr. Weissman explains everything clearly and does the work with extreme care and is always concerned with ones comfort. Most of my experiences have been pain free and I always feel better after leaving.


"felt very cared for"
January 2017
Awesome dental office and very helpful and knowledgable staff. the time spent with me answering any concerns I had was amazing, felt very cared for. Dr. Weissman also has Cerec (same day crowns) camera technology which is a huge plus for time-strapped people like myself. I'm new to the area and I'll be back for sure!


"Always have a great experince"
December 2016
Always have a great experince. I have and will continue to recommend your office. Thank you for the fruitcake!


"Most thorough dentist I've seen"
November 2016
Dr. Weissman is one of the most thorough dentists I've seen. She's a great teacher and i feel confident that she's doing what is best for my oral health.
~Christine L.

"Dr. Weissman is great"

October 2016
Dr. Weissman is great. Not only does she do great, fast work, but she is completely honest and forthcoming and dental challenges ahead. No insurance nonsense either, I have never had to pay than any estimate, as a matter of fact, I have been credited.
~Edward S.

"You will get the best care"

October 2016

Dr. Weissman is one of a kind. She is so detailed oriented and knowledgeable.She not only went to a top rated dental school but also taught . I have never gone to such a good dentist and I am nearly 62 years old. You will get the best care.

~Suretta G.

"I trust her completely"

September 2016

Dr. Weissman is an excellent dentist and I trust her completely. She is also really nice and fun to talk to, making it fun to go for an appointment.

~Tim P.

"Great experience"

August 2016

Great experience with my first cleaning at Weissman Dental. Brittany was great, and the staff is attentive. 

~Desiree S.

"I wish I was a patient of their's sooner"

August 2016

Dr. Weissman examined the health of my teeth with renowned expertise and thoroughly. She skips the fluff and gets down to the nitty gritty of what's really eating away at the back of molars and how we're going to fix my problems. Brittany, the hygienist is the best! all other hygienists I had before her were amateurs. I wish I was a patient of their's sooner.

~Maureen B.

as a 9 year patient

"I have always received excellent dental carefrom Dr. Weissman and her staff. It is fun to see this dental office, I look forward to every visit!"

June 2016
~Marybeth F.

Thanks for the smooth, friendly, hassle-free and judgment free experience!  
April 2016
~ I.M. Shimshak


"Accomodating and professional"

October 2015

I thought the staff was very accomodating and professional.  Dr. Weissman does a great job on all my visits."

~Vincent V.


"Why go anywhere else?"

October 2015

"Why go anywhere else? Sheryl is the best. Great team."

~Daniel J.


"A Good Experience"

October 2015

"Always a good experience.  Visits are friendly and professional.  I believe I have received good home care advice here as well and have had improvment in my gums, which have been kind of an issue for me.  Definitely recommend."

~Matthew C.


"Alway exceptional kind"

October 2015

"Dr. Weissman and staff are always exceptionally kind, caring and professional.  I always feel I'm in the best place to take care of numerous dental issues."

~Elizabeth E.


"It was great."

October 2015

"It was great.  Very efficient, friendly staff, and very gentle work done on me."

~Daniel D.



", professional, courtous, and caring.."

May 7, 2015

"I've found Dr. Sheryl Weissman and her staff to be expert, professional, courtous, and caring in all aspects of their practice.  I recommend her unconditionally to anyone needing dental care."


"I look to many more years of service"

November 5, 2014

"Dr. Weissman and her staff are awesome. Just in to have a crown done.  The crown was doen in-house and is perfect.  I look to many more years of service."


"Friendly and Thorough"

October 30, 2014                                                                                                                                                                                

Mexperiences at Dr. Weissman's have been great. The staff is friendly and Dr. Weissman in very thorough."                                       

 "Great downtown dentist"

June 15, 2013

If you're looking for a great downtown dentist, this is the place to go! The staff are all very nice and take time in getting to know their patients personally, which makes you feel very welcome at each visit. They have early appointment times, which is very nice to fit in appointments with a busy work schedule. I have been going here for a few years and definitely reccommend Dr. Weissman and her team!

"Her work is beautiful"

June 6, 2013

I entrusted my dental care to Dr. Weissman over 15 years ago after a co-worker recommended her. I'm very pleased with the work I've had done. Sheryl is gentle, compassionate, and cares about my comfort in the chair.All are very important to me because I had some early experiences with dentists that ended up leaving me averse to dentistry. She's repaired and replaced my old filings and failed crowns -- all without discomfort. And, her work is beautiful! My crowns look like natural teeth. I appreciate the fine work she does and recommend her to others.

"Love the service"

February 18, 2013

Love this place! Love the service, the people and the historic building that it's in!!! :o)

"Very Happy"

June 12, 2012

I am very happy with my experince at your office.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful.  I feel like I was very taken care of and cared for by your whole staff.


"My Favorite Dentist & Staff"

June 11, 2012

My experience with you and your staff was wonderful.


"Happy with the Service"

May 1, 2012

I am happy with service, quality of dental care and I like the staff.  Dr. is a blast, very fun to visit with.



March 19, 2012

Dr. Weissman in my opinion is an excellent choice for you dental issues. Intelligent, responsive, very professional and yet has a great manner of explaining your issues and options.  I was very impressed and pleasantly impressed with my visits.  Also, Heather, the dental hygienist is simply excellent.


"Fixing a chipped front tooth"

March 14, 2012

She did a wonderful job  with a front tooth repair! The coloration is fantastic and the prep work was very through


"Outstanding dentistry by Dr. Sheryl Weissman, DDS"

March 12, 2012

Dr. Sheryl Weissman, DDS does beautiful dental work.  She has corrected many problems with my teeth that had been overlooked by previous dentist.  She is extremely professional & adheres to state of art standard.  Plus she has a good sense of humor, so the visits are fun.  She has a very professional staff as well.


"Excellent Service"

January 26, 2012

 Maggie is the best! She is always very personable and professional.


"My Cleaning Yesterday"

November 29, 2011

Thanks for the good visit.  I am a reluctant and really sensitive dental patient (probably like almost everone else!) but Heather was really gental and did a thorough job explaining what was ahead for me with future visits.  The ladies in the office were really nice, too.  Thank you.

  "Dr. Weissman is a master!"

November 2, 2011

Over the course of the last 12 months I have had quite a lot of dental work.  Dr. Weissman has done four crowns, repairing older fillings that needed replaced.  Each crown was beautifully done.  She also repaired a discolored filling on one of my front teeth.  The color match was perfect.  No one can even tell my tooth has been worked on.  I am very pleased with Dr. Weissman's work.

"Improving My Health"

October 4, 2011

I have been coming to this dental office for about 11 years now. During that time these girls have added years to my life and much better overall health.  I would say that they have done as much if not more than the cardiologist that installed 2 stints in me.

"Great Customer Service"

October 4, 2011

They always take the time to take care of you, you are not just a chart number to them, great service!

"Great Service"

September 22, 2011

 I had nothing but great service from Dr. Weissman's office.  The staff is very nice & easy to work with and they take great care of you.


"Personal Care That Makes Sense" 

August 22, 2011            

 Dr Weissman takes time with her patients.  She cares about finding the simplest, most suitable treatment for you.  She takes digital photos of your teeth (in addition to x-rays) so that she can help to provide a visual reference for your understanding. There's no pussy-footing around here.  Dr. Weissman is straight and to the point.  Some might say she's blunt. You know exactly what you're getting when you talk to her.  I like that.  The entire staff at this office is pleasant to be around.  Michelle, at the front desk, is very friendly and helpful. Heather, the hygienist, is quite warm and friendly, and does excellent work.  If you're looking for a dental office which will take care of you on both a personal and professional lever, then you should come here.  

"Another Great Visit"

August 9, 2011

Another great visit at the office of Dr. Sheryl Weissman.  I can not believe it's been 5 yrs and I am so pleased with the care, staff, and even the referrals. Team Weissman is awesome!

"Excellent, empathetic care"

August 4, 2011

Dr. Weissman and Tina performed some rather difficult and (at least to me) complicated dental procedures.  The work was very professional and was done in a very empathetic manner.  The procedure was virtually pain-free.  Good job!!!!! I am very pleased with Dr. Weissman and Tina -- they both do a great job in the dental office.  Thanks.


"Fitting my two new crowns."

July 6, 2011

I appreciated that Dr. Weissman took the time to make sure the fit was perfect.  She also spotted a problem with another tooth and recommended a deep clean.  This preventive care helps to make sure my teeth stay healthy.  I was able to get in the next day for the cleaning.  

"Very Happy!"

June 7, 2011

I have a terrible fear of going to the dentist.  However, my visits with Dr. Weissman's office and staff are helping me to get over those fears.  I also like the camera that they use to look in my mouth and show me what the problem is and why they need to do the work they are doing.  Very nice, friendly office and I love all the windows to look out while I'm in the chair! Thanks!


"It Was Very Good"

January 13, 2011

Although going to the dentist is not always pleasant, it was a great experience all in all.


"First Visit"

January 10, 2011

 I was pleased with my first visit to Dr. Weissman, and seeing Maggie again. 


"Cleaning and Limited Exam"

December 8, 2010

Everyone is the facility is professional and courteous. Dr. Weissman is a talented (and amusing!) dentist. And I dearly love Maggie who has been my hygienist for years.


"Saved My Tooth"
June 5, 2010
Dr. Weissman got into her office right away after I discovered that I was suffering from a tooth infection. She was kind, compassionate, competent, thorough, and took care of my problem right away. If it weren't for her I would have been in much worse shape. I want to thank you Dr. Weissman for saving my tooth and getting me out of a great deal of pain.

"I Give this Business the Highest Rating"

June 5, 2010
My second visit to Dr. Weissman only got better. I met more of the staff and everyone was just great. Plus, my tooth was taken care of and I've had no problems. Looking forward to getting my new crown in July.

"Very Professional"

March 15, 2010
Dr. Weissman and her team are always friendly, professional, gentle, and responsive to my needs. As dental visits go, most of the best experiences I've had, have been in this office. The doctor always explains procedures as she is doing them and gives detailed instructions on home care.

"Highly Satisfied"
March 3, 2010

Heather was an excellent Dental Hygienist. She was careful around sensitive areas and had a steady hand. My teeth feel very clean! Thank you! As always, I appreciate the phone call reminder. It's timely and if I need to reschedule, I have enough time to do so.

"Thank You"
Feb 16, 2010

Dr. Weissman, Thank you very much for working on my teeth. Three and a half months after my first visit with you my teeth/mouth feels better than in years. What a relief!

"Routine checkup"
Oct 27, 2009

Both Carol and I concluded that Heather, the person who cleaned our teeth is the best we've ever experienced, here and elsewhere. She is personable, friendly, competent and extremely gentle. She explained what she was about briefly, moved in the most efficient manner to the point both Carol and I were surprised when the session ended. We look forward to returning.

"I Just Wanted To Say Thank You..."
October 1, 2009

Doc, I can't believe I had a root canal and woke up the next morning with absolutely no pain...I really don't know what to say except you are absolutely amazing! Heather, you made the cleaning a very comfortable experience and wanted to say thank you. Tina, thank you for taking the time and walking me through everything and just making the entire first impression of the office a great one. Audrey, thank you for being a real person with a personality and not a grumpy faced office manager like a lot of the other offices I've been to.

April 2009

Everyone at Dr. Weissman's office is courteous and professional. Diana is the best hygienist I have ever been too - my teeth have never looked and felt so beautiful! Diana has a friendly demeanor that puts me at ease each visit. She is encouraging and always professional. Dr. Weissman is extremely knowledgeable and answers questions openly and honestly. She asks for feedback and really strives to develop a strong relationship with her patients as well as provide them with beautiful, healthy teeth. My teeth have never been so happy! Audrey, the office manager, goes above and beyond my expectations every visit. She provides all my cost information up front and makes sure that I am comfortable every time I leave the office. She is professional and kind and a great representative of Dr. Weissman's office. I feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful team - it makes going to the dentist actually enjoyable!!

“Five star”
Mar 19, 2009

It was a pleasant experience which is refreshing considering it is the dentist. All staff were professional and knowledgeable in their respective areas. Good job!

Mar 15, 2009

Every member of your staff makes going to the dentist very pleasurable - something I never thought I would say about the dentist! I appreciate the great customer service with a smile, state-of-the-art equipment and awesome above-and-beyond treatment I get every time.

Feb 20, 2009

As usual Weissman and her staff took pride in what they do, and took the time to do things right, which is always appreciated.


  • "This place was great. I haven't felt this good for a long time. The staff is very attentive, organized, and friendly!"
  • "Quick and reliable service. I will definitely be recommending this to friends!"
  • "I've been suffering from back pain for 6 years. Dr. Roberts is a miracle worker!!"

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